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Additional Services


Ocean Chartering

Our network of breakbulk vessel owners and agents keep us knowledgeable of current market conditions and allow us to provide our customers the option of shipping their cargo in the most economical and efficient way possible. We have experience in providing this service to customers who have shipped entire vessels, as well as, to those who have shipped partial cargoes.

Project Services

Poseidon Forwarding Company, Inc.′s team can arrange any and all aspects of your refrigerated shipment. Working closely with our associates abroad, we have developed special transportation routes to foreign destinations, facilitating the movement of large contract quantities of refrigerated cargo for our customers from their door, to their customers door. Please contact us for a creative solution to your project logistics.



We work with most all of the refrigerated warehouse facilities in the U.S. and many that are abroad as well. We can arrange all of you warehousing, blasting, inspection, and transloading. We can insure your products are never out of the cold.

Domestic Transportation

We maintain volume-based rates with major domestic carriers throughout the United States that translate into cost savings for your company. Our expert personnel arrange, dispatch, and monitor your freight from origin to delivery.

Loading Semitrucks


Whether you are an experienced global company or just entering exporting, negotiating with companies within the U.S. and overseas can be complex and confusing. We are fully capable of offering advice and information which will put you in the best possible position with each and every business transaction.


Our computer systems allow us to generate custom reports tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. We can provide shipment details to you when and where you need them.

Financial Report
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