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Haden Slain - Poseidon's 2nd Generation

Haden has over 14 years in the international shipping industry for refrigerated cargo. She grew up with her Mother and Father working together. Teresa Pittillo (Haden’s Mom) started the company in 1988 out of her garage. As time quickly went by, she started to see growth within the company which is when Bruce Pittillo (Haden’s Father) left his job to join Poseidon Forwarding. Poseidon Forwarding is now home to 14 employees and has been in business for over 35 years. Haden began her career doing basic work at a young age (while in grade school) and would return home from college to work on the weekends. She graduated from Georgia State University with an International Business management degree. After graduating she began her full-time career with the company – starting in accounting, moving on to logistics, then into international documentation and eventually serving as General Manager for several years where she managed all operations, sales, and customer service for the company.  Haden played a key role in Poseidon’s success as she helped implement numerous SOP’s which increased company efficiencies as well as successfully developing and implanting a company-wide web portal program for all orders. The web portal system has been a success for the company and the increased company profits are reflective of this initiative. In 2022, she was elected to serve on the Executive board of directors for United States Poultry and Egg Council (USAPEEC). In order to have an executive board position at USAPEEC you have to be nominated and voted in by competitors, shippers, and 3PL executives. This is a highly respected position. Part of her responsibilities on the executive committee is to unveil and enhance global markets for the protein industry.  She is the only woman on the executive committee. Haden’s career history coupled with a well-known “customer service” mindset will be key to the company’s future growth and success.

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Sean Slain

Mr. Slain joined Tippmann Group in the fall of 2008. Prior to coming to the food distribution industry, Sean earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sales and Marketing at Ball State University. While in school he started his carrier in the industrial and construction supply business and stayed there for 3 years after graduating college. At Fastenal, he took the full time position of National/Strategic accounts for the Midwest. Sean joined Tippmann Group in September of 2008. Tippmann Group has two primary companies (1) Interstate Warehousing where they are the 4th largest cold storage warehouse company in the United States and (2) Tippmann Construction who is a Design/Build construction company that specialized in building temperature-controlled Distribution centers and Food Processing plants. Tippmann Group tasked Sean to further cultivate new relationships companywide for both Interstate Warehousing and Tippmann Construction. Sean began making his own path with Tippmann Group and established many new relationships most of which came from the Protein Industry. Sean began going to various industry events one of which he met his wife Haden. They met at a USAPEEC (United States Poultry and Egg Council) event 12 years ago. Sean and Haden have currently been married for 8 years and have 2 kids - Mable and Waylon. They reside in Ball Ground, GA. During his 15-year career Sean has sold hundreds of millions worth of temperature-controlled space for Interstate Warehousing. Has sold well over 3.1 million square feet of design/build temperature-controlled/processing space for Tippmann Construction over the past 15 years. This equates to over $700 million in sales for Tippmann Construction alone and has been a significant part of Tippmann’s Patented QFR zone with more than 17,000 QFR units sold to date. What is most important to Sean is relationships built and having customers come back for repeat business. Being the biggest has always been the least of Sean’s concern, its simply to have the best team to perform at the highest level. Sean knows that’s what creates the environment for repeat business and growth all why being good stewards to the company, customers, and our community.

Telephone: 770.971.3125

Fax: 770.971.5519


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